Our Company

Since 1969 Salumificio Bellavista has specialized in Tuscan traditional cold cuts production.

Our goal is to offer local and traditional products characterized by high-nutritional quality.

We only chose selected meat, and our productive process is followed in every detail according the scientific methodology HACCP.

The skilled hands of our expert butchers daily produce a wide range of products from fresh sausages to seasoned Tuscan salami, going through an excellent coppa di testa and more.

Our care is aimed to realize genuine products in the Tuscan tradition, maintaining unaltered over time the real flavors. The particular taste of our products stems not only from our experience, but also by the love and passion for our work.

Our History

Buggiano is one of the most important and bigger Valdinievole’s municipality, in Pistoia’s province, sited on the border with Lucca and Firenze. Its valley is outlined by an hill area rich in terracing’s olive groves, small woods and colonial houses wich typify the rural territory.

Buggiano like other valley’s ancient villages (Uzzano Castello, La Costa, Stignano, Colle, Massa e Cozzile) add beauty, history and art to this landscape rich of traditions and genuinity.

Passion of its population and their great respect for traditions make this place a unique sample where man, history and nature lives in complete harmony.
Scenario of many clashes between Firenze and Lucca, the famouse Battle of Montecatini took place on these hills, in early 1300, during wich Guelfe militia from Firenze (by the age at the top of their power) were incredibly defeated by Lucca’s Ghibellini led by Uguccione della Faggiola.

Later, however, Valdinievole and then Buggiano went to Firenze’s possessions and shared with it political and economical fate.

Over the centuries Buggiano went (like the whole valley) between wars and dominations, acquiring over time a more and more important artisan and mercantile’s footprint, thus becoming the commercial referent point of goods and services to all Valdinievole.

After World War II this feature was more accentuated thanks to the rise and development of a series of thriving and prosperous industrial and commercial initiatives.