Salsiccie artigianali - Salumificio Bellavista Buggiano Pistoia

Tuscan Sausages

Made with fresh and tasty pork’s meat of high quality.
Coppa di Testa - Salumificio Bellavista Buggiano Pistoia

Pork head Coppa

Pork’s head meat cooked salami, very tasty, available in any format
Lonza stagionata - Salumificio Bellavista Buggiano Pistoia

Cured pork loin

The leanest swine’s loins are salted and artfully spiced.


The production of this salami involve italian’s swine hams, both for “prosciutto stagionato con osso” and for “prosciutto dolce”. Those meat employements guarantees the product’s superior quality

Seasoned pork Lard

Like our ancestors did, our “lardo” is salted and spiced with herbs: it gives it a delicious taste.


Only after a long and controlled seasoning period you can taste this salami with a peculiar and appetizing taste.

Cured shoulder meat

We only use boneless swine shoulders made in Italy. They stand out for the daintly taste of their meat.


Our catalogue includes “sbriciolona” salami and Tuscan salami; delicious, wholesome and made with fresh minced hams.
Arrosti - Salumificio Bellavista Buggiano Pistoia

Roast meats

Made only with lean parts, without caseinates and polyphosphates.

Seasoned bacon

Salted and spiced following the most ancient recipes of our tradition they maintain unaltered the old real flavor. Our choice of Pancette includes “Pancetta Amburgo”, “Magretta”, “Pancetta rotolata con cotenna”, “Pancetta rotolata senza cotenna” and “Pancetta stesa”.
Mallegato - Salumificio Bellavista Buggiano Pistoia

Blood sausage

Typical product of our old rural tradition, flavored with spices and herbs wich gives this product a strong and full taste.

Livers Fegatelli

Typical products of our old rural tradition, flavored with spices and herbs and cooked in pork’s lard: delicious, appetizing taste.