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Penne with Certified Tuscan Ham

//Penne with Certified Tuscan Ham

Penne with Certified Tuscan Ham

Serves 4 people

50gr of butter,
150gr of shelled peas,
100gr Certified Tuscan Ham,
25gr of dried mushrooms,
400gr of penne lisce,
150cl of liquid cream,
100gr of parmigiano reggiano,
salt and pepper as you like.


1. Get an earthenware casserole and brown the butter with peas and prosciutto sliced into pieces.
2. Add mushrooms (put to soak in water the day before) sliced into pieces, salt and pepper as you like.
3. Cook penne in abundant salted water according to the recommended time. Put them into the casserole and add liquid cream, let everything brown slightly.
4. Add a part of your parmigiano reggiano, serve penne very hot in little earthenware bowls, scattered with pepper and the last part of parmigiano reggiano.
5. You can savour this delicious meal with Classic Chianti DOCG, or Classic Valpolicella DOC Ripasso, or Taurari DOCG.

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