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Scampi and Tuscan Ham

//Scampi and Tuscan Ham

Scampi and Tuscan Ham

Serves for 4 people.

12 scampi,
12 tuscan ham slices,
bread cubes,
pine nuts,
extra-virgin olive oil.



1. Remove the scampi’s shell
2. Wrap scampi with ham and tie the ends
3. Heat a non-stick pan with a little extra-virgin olive oil
4. After you plug sticks for the total lenght of scampi put them to brown
5. Parboil tomatoes without skin and seeds.
6. Chop the tarragon, pine nuts with oil, salt and pepper
7. Put sliced tomatoes in a hot pan with a little oil
8. Add some bread and basil
9. Toast some bread cubes
10. Serve putting on the bottom the tomato sauce and tarragon pesto
11. If you like, garnish with edible flowers

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